Managed Services

We provide proactive Managed Services by using a suite of Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools. We place software agents on all your PCs and servers and they report, in real-time, dozens of performance points including, but not limited to, critical system events, disk errors, disk space usage, memory usage, processor usage, software patches, windows updates, antivirus status, and many others.

In addition, our RMM tools allow us to remotely apply software updates, Windows updates, vulnerability patches, change system configuration, provide remote user support, screen sharing remote, reboots, scheduled tasks and many more functions.  These tools allow us to manage and maintain your computing infrastructure in the best possible condition and minimize down time from surprise failures.

Managed Services clients also enjoy expedited scheduling and priority service over non-contract customers.

Below is a chart of the services provided with our Managed Services Contract: Annual agreements are required.  Fees are billed monthly.  Discounts apply for quarterly payments.   Non-Profit organizations receive a 20% discount on services and add-on labor.

On-site services for repairs, installations, upgrades, reconfigurations, new equipment setup, etc. are billable at our standard rates.

  • Monitoring Agent Software – Applications reside on all PCs and report in real-time the status and health of every aspect of the PC
  • Remote Access – Allows us to remotely access all monitored systems 24×7 to provide user support, and systems maintenance
  • Documentation – We keep and maintain full documentation of your entire system from the firewall to the PC including configurations and critical password
  • Adds/Moves/Changes – This includes password changes, new account setup (not PCs), exiting employee tasks, e-mail management and Office 365 Administration
  • Phone Support – We provide comprehensive phone and remote support to resolve issues with user’s PCs
  • Windows Updates – We will approve and install Windows Updates, Security Updates and other Microsoft Updates
  • Expedited and Preferred Scheduling – You get preferred scheduling for service calls over non-Managed Services clients
  • AntiVirus Software – Symantec Antivirus is included in this package.  We receive full, real-time alerts and reports that allow us to keep our network and PCs protected.  Maintenance and management is included as well
  • On-Line Backup Software – Our secure and encrypted on-line backup software is included as well as the setup.  There are recurring monthly charges depending on the amount of data stored
  • Network Monitoring – Our network monitoring agents allow us to monitor and manage network usage and identify areas of concern or PCs that are using too much bandwidth
  • Hardware Firmware Updates – We will keep all the firmware that runs your network equipment up to date
  • Wireless Network Management – We will monitor and keep your wireless network running properly and check correct any issues we discover
  • Monthly Reporting – We will provide monthly reports on the alerts and work that has been done

Our Full Coverage Service offers everything above and includes warranty repair and replacement for PCs, Laptops, Servers and Network Equipment.

Please Contact Us to details and to receive a quote for your business.