Many businesses are moving to cloud-based products and services such as Microsoft’s Office 365, Encrypted On-Line backups and Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud among others as they have become affordable, user-friendly and reliable solutions.

Microsoft’s Office 365 along with their Hosted Exchange messaging solution does not require a large capital investment of on-premises servers, software and their associated integration and maintenance.  Paired with Microsoft’s OneDrive, you can also access, maintain and share your files securely from anywhere.  Office 365 allows you to have the standard compliment of Office applications on up to 5 devices per user account – laptops, tablets, mobile devices, home PCs – so you can be productive from anywhere anytime.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud provides enterprise-class endpoint protection for PCs laptops, servers and mobile devices from a variety of Internet-borne threats including hacking, viruses, phishing, spoofing and many others.  The cloud-based management console allows us to manage security on all systems in real time and to act immediately when threats are detected.

SolarWinds Backup provides an automated, encrypted, on-line backup of your critical business data.  Backups run automatically and are restorable to any computer at any time.  This makes for an effective disaster recovery and business continuation safeguard.

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